This is a beautiful wedding video

What do you want from your video?  You should have an idea of your expectations before signing up, ask lots of questions about what your end product will look like.  DO you want lots of prep shots?  DO you want the videographer to be more focused on your family?  Your videographer wants to capture what is most important to you, just make sure they know what that is.


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Wedding Photography Trend: Bridal Portrait Session

IMG_0667  Many brides these days are opting for a Bridal Portrait Session prior to their wedding day.  This allows more focus on the bride in her wedding dress, also gives the bride an idea of what she will look like the day of her wedding in her dress from the perspective of the camera.  This also gives a bride the freedom to pose in her dress at a location she wont be able to the day of her wedding.  If you wedding is in the city and you want some portraits in the woods, here is your chance! 

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DJ Trend: Your wedding message to Mom or Dad

Rabang Wedding-358A new Trend many Disc Jockeys are providing for brides and grooms involves a surprise message sure to tug at heart strings when everyone least expects it.  This message is audio taped well before the wedding day, the bride or groom records a message to his or her parent from the heart, this message is inserted into the first dance with the parent and they are surprised as their son or daughter’s voice begins without warning to play over the first dance music.  This is a special way for the bride and groom to make their parent feel like a special part of the wedding.

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Family has to work on your wedding day??

As tempting as it may be to ask family and close friends to provide services the day of your wedding, it really is not the best route.  A recent bride says her sister is shooting photos for her wedding.  This means her close family member cannot enjoy the biggest day of her sister’s life!   Let them enjoy your day and not have to work.  One other consideration, other family members may be a hindrance to your working family member. They will want to socialize with that person and may distract them forcing your working family member to miss key parts of your day.

To ensure your lasting friendship after your wedding, if you have to hire a family or friend, get a contract, know what you are getting for your money.  You will be happy in the end that you did.

Your family member may be a wedding professional but you would be better off getting a referral from that family member of someone they trust to do the service for you so they can enjoy your day!

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The Wedding Traffic Jam! 003

Remember to plan for traffic not only when traveling to the venue, but when you get there, where will everybody park?  If your reception or ceremony will be held in a residential area, parking can be a real nightmare!  Find local public lots within walking distance or consider renting a bus for transport from a designated parking area.

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Tara and Craig’s magical day!

A very common theme these days is the backyard wedding, this wedding happened in Elk Grove, Ca on June 28, 2014.  Elegant Events Media provided DJ, photography, videography, lighting and photo booth.  The ceremony was at a cathedral, but the reception was in a beautiful backyard.  A few things to remember, the bride and groom actually had two planners plus one of the Elegant Events Media coordinators, without us it would have not happened nearly as well.  With the 3 of us working together Tara and Craig had a beautiful reception!  I would say it is imperative if you are having a backyard wedding, hire an actual wedding planner to help, worth their weight in gold! One issue we did run into was the house is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, with over 150 guests trying to show up and the bride and groom in a limo stuck in the traffic jam, find parking arrangements before your big day! Other than that the day went off like a dream!

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Make time to actually enjoy your wedding!

IMG_6250 A_Edit


Often we see brides starting their ceremony at 530 or 6pm with completion times around 10pm.  This gives you time for your ceremony, your cocktail hour(which you will likely be taking picture during), dinner, your first dances, cake cutting, garter toss and bouquet toss, not much else!  I say the earlier your ceremony starts the better.  Give yourself time to enjoy your dancing and even some time in the photo booth.  The best start time is 330, ending around 11 or so.  This give ample time to enjoy dancing and socialize with your guests.  Be as detailed as possible with your timeline to insure you have plenty of time to enjoy.  You planned your day now have some fun!!

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The Horse Drawn Carriage! Perfect touch to your wedding!

Check out Kirsten and Kyle’s Beautiful wedding video below.  The horse drawn carriage really gives an old rustic feel to your grand entrance.  In this instance Kirsten and Kyle opted to not tell the guests about it so it was a surprise.  Gives you some serious wow factor for your big day!


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The Perfect Disc Jockey

dj deberry photo

Here is a short description of what your DJ needs to have for your wedding day:

1. Experience in performing at weddings (a club DJ does not make a wedding DJ)

2. Up to date dance floor lighting

3. Lapel microphone or stand alone microphone for ceremony

4. Second setup capable of providing the sound at your ceremony.

5. Experience being an M/C not just spinning tunes but running the show! That is a real M/C

6. They will provide you with a timeline for your ceremony and reception

7. Have some fun ideas for wedding games to be played during the reception

8. Have a personality!

9. All digital music! We don’t need to be using vinyl records anymore.

10. 2 wireless microphones to use for the best man toasts.

11. The ability to play off the crowd, sense what music works for the crowd to keep them engaged and what does not work and be able to change fluidly throughout the night.

Remember your Disc Jockey/Emcee makes or breaks your wedding.  Yes you could find someone on a cheap site to play music for a few hours for 5 or $600 dollars, but when it comes to keeping things on track and making announcements, spend a little extra and #hirepros!


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The Friday Night Wedding



Beware of the Friday night wedding, remember the traffic!  We have had several weddings on Friday nights that have started late because the couple was waiting on key figures for their wedding.  Make double sure your guests understand the traffic patterns in the area.

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